At Lightworks we have a serious passion for coffee. We serve direct trade because it ensures the environment, the coffee, and those who grow it are all treated with the same level of respect as we take to brew it.

We serve single origin because it matters to us where on this planet the beans are grown. For us, drinking single origin beans is a way to taste the differences in regions, farms, or even hillsides throughout an areas growing season.

Lightworks has teamed up with Ruby roasters from rural Portage county Wisconsin. Ruby excited us at lightworks early on with a columbian coffee “Antonio Canas” and we have been consistently amazed with every new offering since.

From the Ruby website:

“Our slogan 'Colorful Coffees'

Each of our coffees is carefully and specifically chosen to represent a glimpse of microclimate, micro-region, and a glimpse into a moment in time.

We like our coffees with a little flair and we are proud to celebrate the broad range of beautiful, colorful flavor coffee can have. We focusing on celebrating the unique, exciting qualities of each offering rather than trying to have a consistent profile.

Our coffees change seasonally based on the harvest cycle of the countries we work in.”

Lightworks has also teamed up with Onyx Coffee Lab. Their dedication to exceptional and unique coffee and coffee farmers from across the globe consistently provide us with some of the best coffee money can buy.

From Onyx’s website:

“The best business practice that Onyx Coffee Lab has and strives to continue is to be an owner-driven business. The difference between an owner run café, restaurant, retail shop, and so on is almost always evident in customer service, quality of product and atmosphere. It’s no easy task to translate the passion for coffee into a well-run business. We think it’s a carefully constructed balance of demand for excellence, passion, heart, and recognizing when we need someone to step into a leadership role.”

Last, but certainly not least, we carry Rishi Tea from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rishi was a suggestion from one of our baristas here at Lightworks, and wow what a great one! Rishi is dedicated to some of the most profound flavors, inspiring tea varietals, and ethical business practices; a perfect fit for us at Lightworks.

From Rishi’s website:

“Direct Trade

We are a Direct Trade importer of organic teas and botanicals from the very best sources. Our Direct Trade is founded upon long-standing, personal relationships with growers who cultivate ecologically sustainable gardens in remote locations around the world.

Our buying team travels extensively, working with farmers and producers to taste and select micro-lots grown exclusively for us. We thrive on the intensive, hands-on nature of our sourcing.

Direct Trade also serves as the foundation of our quality control and social responsibility practices, allowing us to verify how our teas are grown and to offer complete traceability on each lot back to its source.”

Here at lightworks we love finding and drinking new and amazing coffees, so we started a guest roaster program. Some times they find us, other times we find them, but we always have three or more roasters to try here at the shop.